Vernon Cyrenius David


Vernon Cyrenius David studied cello at Peabody conservatory in Baltimore Maryland with Mihaly Virizlay and has a Masters Degree in Composition from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He studied composition with Hubert Bird and Salvatore Macchia. He was also selected to participate in the June in Buffalo Festival where his String Quartet was performed by the Arditti Quartet. Recently he was commissioned to compose Metamorphosis a piece for 7 cellos and poetic recitation with Poet Banafshé Larijani for the Beauvais Festival in France. Mr David presently lives and works in Europe and Northampton-MA USA.


The pieces I have posted on the site are works I have done since 2000. Around that time I went through a stylistic change which began with the Piece for Cello. Perhaps it can be thought of as the combination of modern techniques with something else. The something else is traditional only in the sense of its melodic profile. Some of this is inspired by contemporary visual art where something representational is double- coded with something abstract. What becomes of interest is the blurring of the edge between the two. This same method is continued in the Piano Quartet. This piece is actually a set of interconnected miniatures or phrases. The illusion of meaning accrues as the piece unfolds through time. It was composed in a process of daily examination. In each session I would reabsorb the previous material until it revealed to me what it desired to do in the next phrase. Once a phrase was composed it was not altered. The Architectural sense is purely intuitive.

Metamorphosis is a piece for poet and seven cellos. A very short line of Banafshé Larijani's poetry is the source of all the musical imagery for each of the four movments.The third movement is a miniature cello concerto. This way of working is suggestive of the artists Anselm Kifer or Cy twombly whose canvases integrate words into the idea and texture of the painting.